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These pages are a private hobby project out of personal interest and are strictly non-commercial. All information on this site is compiled to my best knowledge. Mistakes or missing information are possible, however.

I'd be grateful for hints to these mistakes...


All texts, tables, graphics and photos contained on this site (with the exception of the W3C-HTML 4.01 logo and the lens diagrams) have been made by myself and are subject to copyright restrictions. Use for other publications – no matter what the media and even more so for commercial purposes – are only allowed with my expressive written consent. Please send inquiries as e-mail to the above address.

All user's manuals and advertisement leaflets as well as the lens diagrams shown on this site are also subject of copyright restrictions. The copyright for these publications belongs to the Konica-Minolta company or to Foto-Quelle, respectively (for the Revue user's manuals). The publication on this site is with expressive written authorization from Konica-Minolta Germany or Foto-Quelle, respectively. Further publishing of this data or use for commercial purposes like sale of data or sale of print-outs is expressively forbidden.

The pdf file about the mercury battery problem with building instructions for a battery adapter is subject to Frans de Gruijter's copyright and is made available for download here with expressive authorization from the author. Further publishing of this data or use for commercial purposes like sale of data or sale of print-outs does require authorization by the author.

Link setting:

I appreciate links to my site, I do not have any objections against deep-linking of single pages. I'd be thankful to get a short notice to the above e-mail addreass if you set any links to my site.

Technical issues:

All pages on are completely free from active content, you get the full functionality without JavaScript or Active-X controls.

All pages are checked and approved for HTML 4.01 standard compliance by the external linkvalidator of the W3 consortium – therefore you will find the W3C-HTML 4.01 logo on each page.

Other issues:

I tried to keep the pages barrier-free and usable for people with bad sight.

I respect the privacy of my visitors – no personal data is checked on these pages.

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