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Konica SLRs

Yahoo! Konica SLR Users Group

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Moderated mailing list on Konica SLRs. Full of helpful and knowledgeable contributors. Reading ist possible without registration on the Yahoo! site, for posting and other functions registration is mandatory. Searchable archive.

Denis' Konica Nikon & Digital Photography Pages

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A site with much information and tips on general photography, on Konica and Nikon SLR systems as well as digital photography. Good overview over bodies, lenses and accessories. Some photo galleries of Konica users.

Urs Brunner's Konica Collector Pages

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A site with information on the Konica SLR system. Time tables and detailed descriptions. A chart with descriptions of all Konica lenses is under construction. Special interest are the old bodies with the first »F« bayonet and the Auto-Reflex. For those bodies you will find manuals there. There is a good page for the differentiation of Autoreflex T and Autoreflex T2 and an interesting collection of old advertisements for Konica SLR bodies.

Le Système Reflex Konica

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An extended, french-language site with information about the Konica SLR system.

Mike Butkus

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On this site are English language user's manuals for the Autoreflex T, T3, A3, TC, for the FS-1, FC-1, FP-1, FT-1, and TC-X and for the Konica point-and-shoot C35. No other information on Konica SLRs, but quite a lot on other camera systems.

Wulff Photography & Design

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Some personal thoughts and opinions about Konica Equipment.

Paul Trunfio's Photography Pages

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A nice article about beginning photography with an old Konica SLR. Many valuable tips for beginners. Some lens performance tests.

Stephen Gandy's article on the Auto-Reflex

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A detailed review of Stephen Gandy on the Konica Auto-Reflex. It is the only text about Konica on the extensive external linkCameraquest pages on classic cameras.

Matt Denton's Classic Cameras

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Specifications, user tips, repair tips, and sample pictures of an extensive classic camera collection, including the Autoreflex T2, Autoreflex T3, and Autoreflex TC in the SLR section. Nice galleries, too.

Dante Stella's Konica FC-1 vs the Konica Autoreflex T4

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A comparison between Konica Autoreflex T4 and FC-1. Part of external linkDante Stella's photography pages.

Konica Hexanon Project

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An interesting project showing images taken with Konica Hexanon lenses.

Konica-Minolta manufacturer's pages

Konica and Minolta merged into Konica-Minolta in 2003. Therefore, there are no Konica web sites any more, all have been changed to the new name and logo.
As far as I know, none of these pages contains informations on the old Konica SLRs.

Foto-Quelle sold Konica SLRs in Germany under their own Revue brand in the 60s. The company still exists and is today a big supplier of photo equipment and laboratory services for analogue and digital photography. There are no informations about the Konica SLRs on their pages.

Konica-Minolta Germany

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German language site.

Konica-Minolta Europe

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Konica-Minolta Global Site

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Foto-Quelle Germany

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German language site.

Foto-Quelle Netherlands

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Dutch language site.

General photography

For those of you speaking German, there are many more links to interesting pages about general photography on the internal linkGerman language link page, which I did not include here because the pages are in German language only.


URL: external link
Huge site with many good articles about technical issues, some about composition, discussion forums, and equipment reviews.

URL: external link
Many discussion groups about almost anything related to photography. Many introductions to special topics, book reviews, and galleries.

The Nocturnes Night Photography Web Site

URL: external link
Very interesting site about taking photos at night. Some nice galleries, good tips and tricks.

The Ultimate Exposure Computer

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Tips for exposure value determination.

Other cameras

Pentax Worldwide

URL: external link
Official manufacturer's site. From here, all local Pentax manufacturer's sites can be found.

Bojidar Dimitrov's K-Mount page

URL: external link
Site about the Pentax 35 mm SLR system with the several variations of the K bayonet mount. Clear, complete, and informative.

Asahi Optical Historical Club

URL: external link
English and Italian language page about the Pentax SLR cameras from the Asahiflex over the 110 up to the medium format 645. Lots of information.

Die Cast Pro Asahi Pentax Cameras and Lenses

URL: external link
Site about the Pentax SLR cameras with M42 screw mount. Many images, technical data and manuals. Clear and informative.

Soviet rangefinders (FED, Zorki, Kiev)
Aidas Pikiotas's "Soviet Cams"

external link
Extended site about cameras from the Soviet Union and Russia. Probably the most complete overview of Soviet rangefinders on the net. Well-structured and informative.

Nate's Communist Cameras

external link
Extended site about cameras from the Soviet Union and German Democratic Republic. One of the most complete overview of Soviet rangefinders on the net. Well-structured and informative.

Jay's FED-1 & Zorkij-1 survival site

external link
Extended site about Soviet rangefinders, mainly from the early years. Many repair tips (i.e. rangefinder adjustment), how-tos and so on. Much of which is also usable for later models. A true treasure trove for do-it-yourselfers.

Wayne Cornell's Cornell History and Vintage camera web site

external link
Extended site, not only about Soviet cameras. Good overview over camera models, lenses, and accessories. Production figures, some repair tips.

Stephen Rothery's Soviet Camera Collection

external link
Extended site about Soviet Cameras with emphasis on rangefinders. Good model overview, some galleries with sample images.

Third party lenses

URL: external
Web site about Tamron lenses, in particular about the lenses with interchangeable adaptall- und adaptall-2 mounts. Lens data and reviews, quite complete.


Keinath's Fotohomepage

URL: external link
Extensive link list to articles about repair and modification. There is a German language version on external link

Camera Repair Resource Guide

URL: external link
Repair tip site as FAQ (list of frequently asked questions). Mainly aimed at Olympus users, but has a good and informative general section.

Classic Camera Repair Forum

URL: external link
Moderated forum about camera repair and restauration.

Photos from me

Knips Omat at Fotocommunity

external link
My Fotocommunity profile for black & white photos. Many, but by far not all taken with Konicas.

Knips Omat at flickr

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My flickr profile. Many, but by far not all taken with Konicas.

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