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User's Manual

Kindly, external linkKonica Europe GmbH granted me the permission to publish the user's manuals for the Konica SLRs on these internet pages. Thank you to Konica! Just now, the multi-lingual manuals are being scanned.

As soon as the scanning is finished, the manuals will be available here as pdf files for free dowonload.

In the meantime, for the Autoreflex TC / ACOM-1 you can use the internal linkuser's manual for the Autoreflex T4, which is available already. The Autoreflex T4 provides some features the Autoreflex TC / ACOM-1 has not, but apart from this, operation of both cameras is very similar. The manual for the Autoreflex T4 will give answers to most of your questions.

Otherwise, you can find some English language external linkmanuals for Konica SLRs on Mike Butkus's site.

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