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User's manual Konica Auto-Reflex / Revue Auto-Reflex

Kindly, external linkKonica Europe GmbH and external linkFoto-Quelle GmbH & Co. OHG granted me the permission to publish the user's manuals for the Konica SLRs on these internet pages. Thank you to Konica and Foto-Quelle! Please take note that the manuals are subject to Konica's and Foto-Quelle's copyright and may not be re-published or sold – the data and print-outs from it are for personal use only.

The user's manual for the Auto-Reflex is available for download as pdf files behind the links below – for viewing or printing of these files you need a pdf viewer on your system, i. e. the free Adobe Reader. The manual I have got is in German language only – I will provide a translation eventually, but it is not available yet.

If you do not yet have a .pdf viewer installed on your system, you can download external linkAdobe Reader or external linkFoxit Reader if you follow the links.

While creating the pdf files I tried to preserve the original layout and impression of the printed manual as closely as possible. Spelling errors contained in the printed original were intentionally not corrected for this reason.

You can find external linkscans of the English language original user's manual for the Konica Auto-Reflex on Urs Brunner's Konica Collector site.

Link/file name Pages Contents File size
internal linkARManual.pdf 1 – 24 Complete user's manual 1,048 KB
internal linkAR-0124.pdf 1 + 24 Cover / back cover 35 KB
internal linkAR-02.pdf 2 Contents table 12 KB
internal linkAR-0306.pdf 3 – 6 Name of each part 227 KB
internal linkAR-07.pdf 7 Mercury battery / Battery check / Film wind and film counter 75 KB
internal linkAR-0809.pdf 8 – 9 Film loading 153 KB
internal linkAR-1011.pdf 10 – 11 EE photography 118 KB
internal linkAR-1213.pdf 12 – 13 Correct exposure and warning signals
Setting of a specific aperture
Override button
94 KB
internal linkAR-14.pdf 14 Focusing and viewfinder 43 KB
internal linkAR-15.pdf 15 Changing image size 67 KB
internal linkAR-16.pdf 16 Film rewind
If the "electric eye" is not used (manual exposure control)
40 KB
internal linkAR-17.pdf 17 Lens change / self timer 53 KB
internal linkAR-1819.pdf 18 – 19 Flash photography / time exposure 89 KB
internal linkAR-20.pdf 20 Depth-of-field / focal plane mark / infrared focusing 33 KB
internal linkAR-2122.pdf 21 – 22 Shutter and aperture / depth-of-field preview / filters 82 KB
internal linkAR-23.pdf 23 Technical data / features 23 KB
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