X-20N Auto front view

Konica X-20N Auto
Front view

X-20N Auto rear view

Konica X-20N Auto
Rear view

X-20N Auto

The X-20N Auto is a very small and compact, thyristor-controlled electronic strobe with a guide number of 20 (metric) / 68 (feet) at ISO 100/21°. There is a much older Konica flash with a very similar name, but the X-20 is a different Konica flash and should not be mixed up with the X-20N Auto.

For power supply, the X-20N Auto needs two AA batteries. The battery compartment is in the bottom of the flash, to the left side of the foot, seen from behind. The sliding battery compartment cover is completely removable from the flash.

The X-20N Auto can neiter be tilted nor swiveled. Beside the hot-shoe contact, it has a separate socket for a PC synch cable, located on the right side of the flash, seen from behind. The on/off switch on the back also serves as a selector switch between automatic mode (sensor control) and manual mode (full flash power). To the left of it resides a test fire button, which also serves as a flash ready indicator and is lit when the flash is ready for use. Above the switches there is a table, from which the usable flash distances for film speeds ISO 100/21°, ISO 200/24°, and ISO 400/27° can be read in metres and feet as well as the corresponding aperture values.

The X-20N Auto was designed for the internal linkTC-X, which was the last Konica SLR body, and has a similar exterior look. As the TC-X provides no system flash functions, the X-20N Auto is no Konica system flash, but a simple flash unit without any control of camera functions. Therefore, it can be used on any other camera as well.

As the X-20N Auto was being offered for a short time only, it is rather rare.

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