Macro Stand AR

Macro Stand AR

Macro Stand AR

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The Macro Stand AR is a bellows accessory which can be used together with either Konica Bellows 3 AR or internal linkAuto Bellows AR. It does neither fit the older Konica internal linkExtension Bellows II AR / 2 AR nor the internal linkExtension Bellows II Deluxe AR / 2D AR.

The Macro Stand AR consists of a table with a neutral grey background of 78 mm diameter (31/16"), which can be removed completely from the macro stand or turned freely in its bearing by 360°, and of a screw which connects the Macro Stand to the bellows so that the bellows are orientated exactly perpendicular to the table plane of the Macro Stand AR. This is particularly useful if you want to do macro shots of small, flat subjects like stamps or similar.

To hold the subject in its place, there are two spring steel fingers, which can be turned freely or can be removed.

The Macro Stand AR gives a secure stand to the bellows setup, making macro photography of small subjects quite convenient, if an internal linkangle finder is used.

As it had been designed for quite a special purpose, the Macro Stand AR is an uncommon accessory and hard to find nowadays.

Macro Stand AR on camera

Macro Stand AR
mounted on camera

Original packaging Macro Stand AR

Macro Stand AR
original packaging

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